Image by SJ Objio

Infection Control & Covid-19

Here at Glamingo Beauty we take everybodys health and wellbeing extremely seriously. As a mother I will be taking any and all precautions necessary to keep my family and clients safe. I have completed up to date infection control and Covid-19 training and my certificates will be on display and accessible at any time so please ask if you would like to see these. Where possible I will be using masks, visors, gloves and aprons throughout treatments and taking temperature readings before appointments. There will also be disposable gloves and masks for clients if you do not have your own at a small fee. I will also be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting before and after every client so I may have reduced appointments which may require booking in advance. At every appointment I will be checking all contact details are up to date incase we need to contact you to let you know if the salon has come into contact with anyone positive or showing Covid-19 symptoms. If we do come into contact with Covid-19 I will not hesitate to close the salon and follow government guidelines until I can gaurentee everybodys safety. I ask that every client treat me, my family and all other clients with the respect we are showing you and please cancel or rearrange your appointment if you feel even slightly unwell with Covid-19 symptoms. I appreciate that rearranging appointments can be extremely disappointing however it is important to keep everyone we can safe.